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Liquid is 21+ for all shows

Brian Posehn rolls into Liquid Laughs


Journeyman comic Brian Posehn targets Boise next weekend.

By Michael Deeds This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In stand-up comedy, name recognition is everything. You can be the funniest human on the planet, but if people don't think you're a celebrity, they won't go see you.

That's why there's a photograph of that bald man on the far right.

Ever heard of Brian Posehn? Maybe not. But chances are, you recognize that middle-aged Hollywood nerd.

Posehn, who will headline April 19 and 20 at Liquid Laughs, 405 S. 8th St., is proof that sometimes only a few people need to know your name - people who live in Los Angeles.

Posehn is the sort of guy that most of us recognize from nearly two decades of TV ("Mr. Show," "The Sarah Silverman Program," "Seinfeld," "NewsRadio," etc.) Or from movies ("Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd," "The Devil's Rejects," etc.) He's that one guy who pops in and out of scenes - you know, that redbearded gene splicing of Chuck Klosterman and Chris Elliott. (Wait, you don't know who those guys are, either?)

Arguably, Posehn is the coolest comedian booked yet by Liquid Laughs, even if he's not quite as well-known as the club's other rare "superstar" bookings. (Pauly Shore, cough-cough.)

Posehn is a multi-talented comic. A few years ago, he penned an episode of Adult Swim's animated heavy-metal series "Metalocalypse." He also directed a gut-busting, must-see music video for the '80s hair-band parody group Steel Panther.

Bottom line: Pressure's on, Posehn.

Tickets are $20 at www.liquidlaughs.com.