Bob DiBuono (Sun)

Bob DiBuono (Sun)

Bob DiBuono

This man has established himself as one of the most dynamic acts on stage. With a sarcastic and edgy wit coupled with a high energy and animated delivery, he exposes the absurdities in life, his family and the social conscious. The versatility of being able to go in and out of original characters along with dead-on impersonations heightens this unique act!!

Bob just appeared on GOTHAM LIVE ON AXS TV and has also been seen on MTV, E!, CNN, FOX’S RED EYE, GOOD DAY NY, OPIE AND ANTHONY and BOB AND TOM radio. He was a regular on the JIM BREUER Show on SIRIUS and has been seen in numerous TV commercials.

Bob currently is based out of NYC and headlines around the country.

Event Details

Event Name: Bob DiBuono (Sun)
Show Event Date: 09-22-2019
Individual Registration Rate: 12.00
Show Category: COMEDY