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The World Series of Comedy (Sat 10pm)

Liquid Laughs and Laugh.Ly productions presents: The World Series of Comedy!!

  • The Series: 4 (four) days and 6 (six) shows of nationally-touring comedians, all vying for the top prize—a ticket to The Main Event at the end of the summer
  • The Rules: On day one, it’s 16 laugh-makers competing for the judges’ favor, and that number slowly gets whittled down as the series continues.
  • The Grand Prize: At the end of the year, the top 3 (three) finalists all receive several weeks of paid gigs, and the big winner gets a record deal on top of that.


$ 15.00

The Joe Lowers Show (Sun)

Joe Lowers

Joe Lowers,  the man behind the World Series of Comedy and a man who has never really grown up. Taking his high school "Class Clown" award very seriously, he's out to prove all his high school teachers wrong when they said, "Pay attention! You can't make money at being silly." Well, he's been performing comedy for years and pleasing audiences everywhere he goes.
He comes out in a bowling shirt and bowling shoes. (Even he doesn't know why he dresses that way!) His bowling bag full of props keeps the audience wondering, "What kind of stuff, and how much of it, does he have in that bag? His improve with the audience makes every show unique. By the time he leaves the stage, there's a good chance an audience member or two has been up there with him and everyone has sang a song. His high-energy show is non-stop fun for everyone.
Some of the biggest compliments he has received are, "You look very comfortable up there" and "You look like you're having fun." He enjoys that more than when people tell him he's funny. When he's on stage, he's having fun and he tries hard to make sure everyone is having as much fun as he is. If they aren't, well, it's their fault because Joe is just plain silly. How could you not laugh at that?

$ 15.00

Megan Bryant & Friends

Join us every first Tuesday of the month for improv comedy night hosted by, and featuring Boise's own Megan Bryant, and a pack of her hilarious improv buddies. It's an explosion of "short-form" scenes, gimmick games, and other "variety show" style comedy bits that are always fun, fresh, and engaging. 

Megan Bryant is a comedian, improv trainer, and award-winning author of her autobiography, "Not My Plan." She's the creator of Idaho Laugh Fest, and a busy single mom of four young kids. She's dedicated to helping people create happier, healthier human connections through humor, and has been recognized for her work in the community with such honors as the Idaho Business Review's "Accomplished Under 40" and "Women of the Year" awards.
$ 10.00

Best Of Boise Showcase (Fri 8pm)

The Best of Boise Showcase 

All of your favorite local comedians are coming to our stage. A different lineup every night! 

$ 15.00

BFP: Kick Off (Sat 8pm)

Round 1 of Boise's Funniest Person 

The 20 Contestant Kick Off. See who made it through the auditions!

$ 15.00

Best Of Boise Showcase (Sun)

The Best of Boise Showcase 

All of your favorite local comedians are coming to our stage. A different lineup every night! 

$ 12.00

BFP: Round 2 (Sat 8pm)

Round 2 of Boise's Funniest Person!.

The top 10 contestants (that made the cut from the previous week) will get paired up with their comedy coach. 

$ 15.00

Fresh, Drunk, Stoned Tour (Sun)

The Fresh, Drunk, Stoned Tour

The Fresh Drunk Stoned Comedy Tour has been selling out across the country. This triple headliner show featuring Franco Harris, Matt Bellak and Tim Hanlon brings you unapologetic, irreverent humor.

In a showcase style performance, you will get three different perspectives and a night full of laughs. In a showcase style performance, you will get three different perspectives and a night full of laughs. So kick back, relax, stay fresh, enjoy a drink and have a smoke! Collectively they have performed in comedy clubs all over the country from the Improvs to The World Famous Comedy Store. They have worked With comedy greats such as SNL's David Spade, Chris D'Elia, Comedy Central's Jeff Ross, and legendary comedian Dom IrreraSo kick back, relax, stay fresh, enjoy a drink and have a smoke!

$ 12.00

Cool Birthday: One funny comedy show!


A brand spanking new, monthly comedy party at Liquid Laughs. Stand up, sketch, games, prizes, treats, possible confetti, probably some weird performance art, all on a monthly theme. You get the idea. It's fun. And it's for you!

$ 5.00

BFP: Semi-Finals (Sat 8pm)

Round 3 of Boise's Funniest Person! The Semi-Finals.

Now down to 5 contestants, the competition gets FIERCE!

$ 15.00

The Mormon & the Meth-head (Sun)

The Mormon & the Meth-head

If the little angel and devil from your shoulders ever hung out without you and made a podcast, this is probably what it would sound like. Equal parts wholesome and horrific, Mormon and the Meth-head is about one unlikely friendship. Jessa Reed and Aaron Woodall have led two completely different lives. While Aaron was stopping strangers on the streets of Milan to teach them about Joseph Smith, Jessa was teaching dudes how to keister meth while blowing them in Arby's bathrooms across Portland. But as Aaron lets go of his strict Mormon lifestyle and begins his descent into the depravity of the secular world, Jessa acts as his ferryman, telling him about disgusting, hedonistic things he never could have imagined, like "butt stuff" and "coffee." And Aaron returns the favor, helping Jessa navigate new and foreign social situations like "accepting hugs from loved ones" and "having loved ones." In their respective routines, they each tackle the topics of love, sex, drugs, and alcohol, but with polar opposite perspectives. Audiences get to see their world through Aaron's naive, innocent eyes as well as through Jessa's bleary, bloodshot ones.

$ 12.00

BFP: Final Round (Sat 8pm)

The FINAL ROUND and crowning of Boise's Funniest Person 2018!

The winner gets crowned and walks off our stage with $1000 in cash and the title of "Boise's Funniest Person 2017"!

$ 15.00

Jessica Keenan & Mattio Martinez (Sun)

Jessica Keenan & Mattio Martinez

Jessica Keenan is a Mexican/ Lebanese comedian, born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. The consummate oddball, she spent her childhood making her friends and family laugh until she went into comedy professionally. Jessica stands out as one of the funniest and freshest faces on the LA comedy scene today. She can be seen at The Comedy Store, The Improv, Laugh Factory, Westside Comedy Theater, and in the movie “The Love Section” now playing on Netflix.

Mattio Martinez: "I got my start out of college directing comedy shorts, my most successful film, Big Breakin’, screened at Best of Fest at Outfest 2012. I’ve written and directed shorts and web series for ABC Studios, the BBC, as well as for several independent live-action and animation production companies. I’ve been performing stand-up comedy in L.A. for the last two years and have gotten to play all over town, including The Comedy Store, Flappers, and the Super Secret Comedy Show at the Lyric Theatre. I also co-produce a monthly stand-up show called BASH alongside comedian Ellen Etten and writer/story-producer Jessica Lee Williamson.

My comedy spans a wide range of topics including: growing up gay in the 80s and 90s, being the son of a South American immigrant mother/deposed Ecuadorian dictator, living with (and loving) mein wunderbar German husband and partner of 13 years, Philipp, and trying to figure out my place in a world that just won’t stop changing all its nonsense rules.

I’m currently working on all sorts of tricks and treats in my secret lab, so come back often to catch show announcements and new video clips. Swell!"

$ 12.00

Eddie Ifft (Thurs)

$ 12.00

Eddie Ifft (Fri 8pm)

$ 15.00

Eddie Ifft (Fri 10pm)

$ 15.00

Eddie Ifft (Sat 8pm)

$ 15.00

Eddie Ifft (Sat 10pm)

$ 15.00

Eddie Ifft (Sun)

Eddie Ifft 

He has been called one of the most underrated comics in America by the Onion and has proudly told jokes around the world to sold-out crowds in over 15 countries.  Most recently Eddie is co-host of one of the most successful podcasts in the comedy world called Talkin’ Sh*t.  He has recently released his DVD, “I Love Pussy.” which is the follow up to his critically acclaimed DVD “Live From Australia” which was filmed in front of a sold out audience at the Sydney Opera House in Sydney Australia.

He has also released his own 30-minute special for Comedy Central and made numerous TV appearances on shows such as Showtime’s the Green Room with Paul Provenza, Showtime’s Tommy Chong 420 Show, E!’s Chelsea Lately, NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central’s Premium BlendBET’s Comic ViewNBC’s Late Friday NightVH1’s Never Mind the BuzzcocksComic’s Unleashed.Eddie’s popularity has span to Australia, where he has appeared on numerous TV shows, including RoveThank God You’re HereThe Footy Show and Good News Week. Eddie has also worked as the host of Shark Week, spent a season as the ABC College Football Guy, earned a job as ‘man-on-the-street’ on the Queen Latifah Show, hosted a pilot called Strap-On for Comedy Central, and co-hosted a sports radio show on New York’s legendary WNEW.

Eddie has been working diligently on his new podcast The Bingle Show, set to launch in early 2016. The Bingle Show was a crowd-funded success on Kickstarter with fans from all over the globe supporting the purchase of a used “short bus” to be transformed into a mobile podcasting studio… taking Eddie and his team on the road for a brand new show.

$ 12.00

Pauly Shore (Fri 8pm)

$ 30.00

Pauly Shore (Fri 10pm)

$ 30.00

Pauly Shore (Sat 8pm)

$ 30.00

Pauly Shore (Sat 10pm)

Pauly Shore

Pauly tasted super-stardom in 1990 when his precedent-setting MTV show "Totally Pauly" hit the airwaves to major fan approval. The show ran for six years, leading him to numerous TV and film roles, including the one-hour HBO TV special, “Pauly Does Dallas” and starring in films like "Jury Duty," "In the Army Now," "Bio Dome," and those that are currently trending on Netflix, “Encino Man,” “Son In Law,” and “The Goofy Movie.”
After his first album, "The Future of America," was named Best Comedy Album by the College Music Journalists in 1991, the National Association of Record Merchandisers nominated his second album, "Scraps from the Future," for a Best Sellers Award.
Pauly then went on to star in and produce his own projects, including "Pauly Shore is Dead" for 20th Century Fox, which is now available on Amazon Prime. He also produced and starred in his comedy specials "Vegas is My Oyster," starring Andy Dick, Tom Green, Bobby Lee and more, and "Pauly-Tics," starring Herman Cain, Larry King and more, all available on Crackle.

Most recently, Pauly released “Pauly Shore Stands Alone,” a true-life road documentary that follows him as he performs in obscure towns throughout Wisconsin while dealing with his personal life back home, which also appeared on Showtime and is available on Amazon Prime

Additionally, Pauly released a series of video interviews on Crackle in May 2017 for the "Pauly Shore Podcast Show." His guests include: Judd Apatow, Iliza Shlesinger, Ziggy Marley, Brett Ratner and many more. Pauly also has a weekly podcast called "Pauly Shore's Random Rants" which you can find on Soundcloud, iTunes and Stitcher. 

Apart from actively touring the country with his standup, Pauly is working on a documentary of his life that spans the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s and has a role in the upcoming Adam Sandler movie ‘Sandy Wexler’ streaming on Netflix in 2017. He is currently in production for a Funny or Die sketch he co-wrote called "Silver Lake Vice Squad" and is also cutting a documentary series based off his 2014 film "Pauly Shore Stands Alone." 

$ 30.00


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