Sam Tallent (Sun)

Sam Tallent (Sun)

Known for whip-quick wit and rollicking improvisations, Sam Tallent is one of the sharpest, most original rising talents in comedy today. He has been called "the absurd voice of a surreal generation" by the Denver Post, and, when not maintaining a "Black Flag-esque tour schedule" (Savage Henry Magazine), Sam has worked alongside many of the biggest names in comedy, including Louis CK, Dave Chappelle, Doug Stanhope, Dana Carvey, Hannibal Buress and TJ Miller.

Sam has performed at the Oddball Comedy Festival, High Plains Comedy Festival, Hell Yes Fest, the Chicago Comedy Expo and the NY Film and Television Festival. Sam regularly headlines his hometown club, the legendary Denver Comedy Works.

He recently won his battle on Comedy Central's Roast Battle, and was seen on VICELAND's Flophouse as well as the Chris Gethard Show. His writing has been published on He lives in Las Vegas with his wife and his dog.

“I just got done touring with Sam Tallent. He’s great. He put me in a grave every f*ing night. He put me in a f*ing grave. It was like people got to watch David Bowie and then I went up there trying to play hot cross buns on a recorder... You ever get intimidated following someone?... If Sam Tallent is in your town, and he will be because the guys a f*ing workhorse, go see Sam Tallent. I can’t say that enough.”
 - Kyle Kinane, “The Boogie Monster, “Rougarou”, June 19, 2018
“I’m always glad when Sam opens for me because I know whatever I do, Sam already gave you your moneys worth.”
 - Doug Stanhope, Oriental Theater, 12/17/14

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