Steve Soelberg (Sun)

Steve Soelberg (Sun)

Steve Soelberg

"Hey there thanks for asking, yes I am that one funny comedian who won the opportunity to open for Louis CK, Aziz Ansari, Sarah Silverman and a host of other huge names at the Oddball comedy festival in 2015.

Also, I was that comic who has a special on VidAngel (world's largest collection of clean stand-up comedy-not what you thought it was huh) that has continually been one of the most watched specials since it's release in April 2017. But even with all that, how can we trust that you are funny Steve? Because companies like American Express, Microsoft, Little Giant Ladder, Deloitte, Pluralsight, WCF, and of course the mega Missouri Star Quilt Co. the juggernaut of quilting, trusted me to be funny and I think I was. Bottom line, I'm funny, and I bet you like to laugh so let's be friends." - Steve Soelberg

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Event Name: Steve Soelberg (Sun)
Show Event Date: 06-16-2019
Individual Registration Rate: 12.00
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