The World Series of Comedy (Sat 10pm)

The World Series of Comedy (Sat 10pm)

Liquid Laughs and Laugh.Ly productions presents: The World Series of Comedy!!

  • The Series: 4 (four) days and 6 (six) shows of nationally-touring comedians, all vying for the top prize—a ticket to The Main Event at the end of the summer
  • The Rules: On day one, it’s 16 laugh-makers competing for the judges’ favor, and that number slowly gets whittled down as the series continues.
  • The Grand Prize: At the end of the year, the top 3 (three) finalists all receive several weeks of paid gigs, and the big winner gets a record deal on top of that.


Event Details

Event Name: The World Series of Comedy (Sat 10pm)
Show Event Date: 06-29-2019
Individual Registration Rate: 15.00
Show Category: COMEDY


  • Boise, ID
    405 South 8th Street

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