The Joe Lowers Show (Sun)

The Joe Lowers Show  (Sun)

Joe Lowers

Joe Lowers,  the man behind the World Series of Comedy and a man who has never really grown up. Taking his high school "Class Clown" award very seriously, he's out to prove all his high school teachers wrong when they said, "Pay attention! You can't make money at being silly." Well, he's been performing comedy for years and pleasing audiences everywhere he goes.
He comes out in a bowling shirt and bowling shoes. (Even he doesn't know why he dresses that way!) His bowling bag full of props keeps the audience wondering, "What kind of stuff, and how much of it, does he have in that bag? His improve with the audience makes every show unique. By the time he leaves the stage, there's a good chance an audience member or two has been up there with him and everyone has sang a song. His high-energy show is non-stop fun for everyone.
Some of the biggest compliments he has received are, "You look very comfortable up there" and "You look like you're having fun." He enjoys that more than when people tell him he's funny. When he's on stage, he's having fun and he tries hard to make sure everyone is having as much fun as he is. If they aren't, well, it's their fault because Joe is just plain silly. How could you not laugh at that?

Event Details

Event Name: The Joe Lowers Show (Sun)
Show Event Date: 06-30-2019
Individual Registration Rate: 15.00
Show Category: COMEDY


  • Boise, ID
    405 South 8th Street

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