Zoltan Kaszas (Sun)

Zoltan Kaszas (Sun)

Zoltan Kaszas

Born in Budapest, he and moved to the United States on July 4th 1991.

At the age of 19 Zoltan was settled into his new hometown of San Diego, California where he got into the world of stand up. Zoltan’s been seen on Dry Bar Comedy, Laughs On FOX, heard on SiriusXM, read about in The Atlantic and has won The Seattle International Comedy Competition and The San Diego Comedy Festival.

In 2006, Zoltan got on stage to perform stand-up comedy for the first time...He bombed. From that day forward he dedicated himself to perfecting his comedic art. Once he found his unique story telling style, his budding career was off and running. Performing in comedy festivals and winning comedy contests to working clubs and colleges, Zoltan was well on his way to stamping his name onto the national comedy scene. In early 2011 he released his first CD entitled Naked Cartwheels, which he hopes will stand the test of time and survive the impending doom of 2012.

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Event Name: Zoltan Kaszas (Sun)
Show Event Date: 08-04-2019
Individual Registration Rate: 12.00
Show Category: COMEDY


  • Boise, ID
    405 South 8th Street

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