Olek Szewczyk (Sun)

Olek Szewczyk (Sun)


Though his parents came to the United States as political refugees from Jaroslaw, Poland, when Olek Szewczyk was still an infant, Aleksander "Olek" Krzysztof Szewczyk ("Vanna, can I please buy a vowel?") still has a hint of an accent.
Szewczyk occasionally follows the deadpan delivery of one of his jokes with a self-referential laugh. It can make for an awkward moment as audience members look at each other to see if they should be laughing, too.
"I'm just a goofy bastard," he said with a smile.
That's an apt description, but Szewczyk is also approachable, and it isn't long before everyone is relaxed and laughing along--it's like listening to a nerdy nephew tell jokes.

"That kid is really fucking funny. I like when I go on stage still laughing." - Doug Stanhope

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Event Name: Olek Szewczyk (Sun)
Show Event Date: 04-05-2020
Individual Registration Rate: 12.00
Show Category: COMEDY


  • Boise, ID
    405 South 8th Street

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